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PR versus branding. What is the distinction?

Describe Branding.
Although there are various ways to define branding, it goes beyond the logo and tagline. Your company's brand serves as its cornerstone and serves as its storefront. Everything that makes your business distinctive and distinguishes it from rivals.

Building a brand involves developing an identity and perception. Based on your company's objective and basic beliefs, it is your story. What do you believe in? How do want people to think?

Public relations: what is it?
PR is the strategy and techniques used to get your brand message in front of the appropriate audience in order to promote your business, increase awareness and credibility, foster loyalty, and, ultimately, increase sales. It involves developing thought leaders in your field, generating leads, directing traffic to your website, piqueing interest in your goods or services, and then turning that interest into long-term sales.

In order to adapt to shifting goals and business objectives, PR must be adaptable. These objectives typically have KPIs attached to support the achievement of business outcomes, such as the launch of a new product or a campaign to boost sales in a specific region, and they tend to be more specific than branding objectives.